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Eros Platière

Eros Platiére is a sturdy, generously muscled stallion, who during his years jumping huge managed to impress. Eros was become an international hit. 2nd Trials CSI **** Vichy.

His father Papillon Rouge (Jalisco) is a son of the stallion Jalisco, and a grandson of the legendary chef de race Alme (Ibrahim). Papillon Rouge ran an impressive international career in CSI and CSIO level under Xavier Leredde (ISO 180). He won including a gold medal at the Jeux Méditerranées (1991), took part in the Barcelona Olympics (1992), and became champion of France (1993). Also in breeding Papillon Rouge was a hit. He is the father of a long series of sport horses and stallions, which include the Amazon Moens, Eclair des Bois, Fleche Rouge and Mozart des Hayettes.

His mother, Sophia Platiere (Grand Veneur) is also mother of Abeille Platier (Papillon Rouge) iso 139, sold to Italy, internationally under Clara Pastorello, of Canoe Platier (Surcouf de Revel), ISO 119, sold to Switzerland, and Gentleman Platier (Jalisco), ISO 164, CSI and CSIO internationally under Eric Navet.

His grandmother Valerianne (Bel Avenir) is also the mother of Idyll Platiére (Francilius XX), ISO 127, from Micko Platiére (Nankin), stallion national, and Numidor Platiére (Nankin), CSI and CSIO iso 150,stallion National, the grandmother Mérou Platiére (Arthy), iso 120, of Velma d'Aurélie (HURLEVENT), ISO 124, from Volga Platiére(Narcos), ISO 119, from Solar Kreme (King's Road xx), 118 ICC, and Farcaur Platiére ( Qredo the Paulstra), third championship four years old Fontainebleau, ISO 134, stallion National, the third mother of Aldo des Fontenis (If the Merz), stallion sBs; of Hespoir d'Aurélie (Champ Libre xx), ico 142; of Kaline Platiére (Quidam de Revel), ISO 127, Lys Platiére (Quidam de Revel), vice-champion five year olds Fontainebleau and winner of 1m50 trials, ISO 135, and Nobel Platiére (Quidam de Revel), sold for 60,000 euros on Ventes Fences.

Approved stallion

Approved for:  sBs
Sperm:fresh, frozen,



Vallee D'alezan (Eros Platiere)
Vintage Van De Vichta(Eros Platiere)
Harcotique DNL(Eros Platiere)
CSI Vichy 2000


Eros Platiére posted a strong performance in the Classic Cycle. He stayed seven clear rounds out of eight starts in the four year olds and 9 clear rounds from 10 starts in five years. When he was six  Eros jumped in the LRV circuit and won every test he attended. Age of seven he appeared again in the cycle. He was double clear in Aalter, Humbeek and at th ended he was 16th of all th 7 years. Eros was subsequently sold to France. He walked with an amateur rider A1 nationally and internationally by Vincent jumped Feuillerac (eg fifth Grand Prix Montbéliard, 2nd Grand Prix CSI Vichy).


Descendants 1995-1999.

Thanks, the performance of Eros and his descendants, he covers three years in a row on top of the list "GENETIC SPRING INDEX", third place.
  • Madonna Pk (vm King's Road xx),  internationally under Philippe Lejeune 1m60
  • Umousine van den Deal (vm Aydin des malais),  international 1m50 Margaret Mollet
  • Velasco Belvaux (vm Far West d'Isaac), sold to Canada is successful, GP 1m50
  •  Newton of Colors (vm Baugy the Sioux), sold to France is successful, GP 1m40
  • Ukianos Fernantes (vm Lucky Boy xx) sports name Cohiba IV is 1m50 Switzerland
  • Vedette van de Prima ijs (vm Lawrence), Italy  1m50 successfully
  •  Vallee D'Alezan (vm Lys de darmen) 1m50 internationally under   Amarrie, 1m50
  •  Vintage van de vichta (vm Gottwald) 1m45
  • Wings of Eros van de vichta (vm Gottwald) 1m30 Italy
  • Ultralezan (vm Lys de darmen), ZZ , the Netherlands
  •  Ocean Dream ( vm Rigoletto), 1m35 in the Netherlands
  •  Queros de Bioagrico(vm unknown),  4th 2009 Belgian Championschip,   1m60,
  • Athina(vm......)  1m40 Spain
  • Popeye van den Deal (vm Quidam de Revel), 1m50 Austria and int

Performance 's descendants from 2005.( First year return of Eros Platiére ).
  • Fiona Van Bloemendael (vm Sheyenne The Baugy) -  1st at foal competition ST Lievens Houtem 2005. 1st at foal competition BWP Region Wambeek 2005    -1 th free-jumping selection Jumping Mechelen 2007 at 2 Years.
  • Fairplay de Painblanc (vm Prince d'inco ville) - 1st  free jumping at 2 Y BWP Region wambeek 2007 - 2de  free jumping at 3 J BWP Region Wambeek 2008.
  • Grimousin Van Den Dael (vm Aydin Des malaise) - 1st at free jumping 2Y BWP Region Wambeek 2008.
  • Hopla Van Den Dael (vm Flipper d'elle) 2nd place free  jumping 2Y at "Week van het paard"  2009.
  • Hemousine Van Den Dael (vw Lipton)  7th at free jumping at" week  van het paard" 2Y 2009.
  • Harcotique DNL (vm Flipper d'elle) 9th place free jumping Jumping Mechelen 2009.
  • Inaki Van Den Dael (vmCavalier Royale) 1st Foal competition at ST Lievens Houtem 2008 (mares).
  • Imousin Van Den Dael (vmLipton) 1st Foal competition at ST Lievens Houtem 2008 (stallions).
  • Gigolo de painblanc (vm Prince d'inco ville) 3rd place freejumping at 2Y BWP Region Wambeek 2008.
  • Fien DNL (vmFlipper d'elle) 2nd place free jumping Championship 2005, Finalist BK 4J Gesves.


Papillon Rouge  Jalisco B  Alme 
Verboise  Centaure du Bois 
Sophia Platiere  Grand Veneur  Amour du bois 
Tanagra G 
Valeriane  Bel Avenir